Commitment to Quality

TAM is proudly certified as an ISO 9001:2015 iso9001-2015firm.  Our team has been subject to rigorous audits and are recognized and approved based on the standards and guidelines of the program.

The scope of the certificate covers the global transportation of radioactive materials and ensures that our business systems exceed the requirements of the program.  TAM has developed hundreds of different work instructions, procedures and forms relating to the diverse routing network and commodity base we have established.  Each different routing and commodity has a specific work instruction and checklist to ensure it is carried out to the highest of standards for our customers and adheres to all relevant international regulations.  These documents are under constant scrutiny to ensure changes to regulations, processes and industry standards are captured.

We are proud that our culture is one with a focus on quality and continuous improvement and have been subjected to and passed audits by all of our customers.

Each sub-contractor used by TAM is subject to comprehensive audits to ensure they have the same commitment to quality that is imbedded in our culture. This ensures that the core values and requirements of TAM and our customers are met and/or exceeded by the sub-contractors selected for these services.

TAM prides itself in value added services that include asset management, overall scheduling and shipment tracking.  TAM works diligently behind the scenes to make sure all logistics are reviewed, new options are being explored and information is being passed through. This focus is critical to the success of these shipments and minimizes any chance of a service disruption.