Donna Bayley - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Prior to founding TAM International in 2004, Mrs. Bayley was, for 14 years, the CEO of a North American transportation company which was involved in the worldwide transportation of radioactive materials. For the five years prior to being appointed CEO, she was the General Manager of this same company. During this time, one of Mrs. Bayley’s responsibilities was the development of the road transport business in North America. Under her leadership, the business developed successfully from a small, start-up operation in Saskatchewan into a mid-sized carrier servicing many customers throughout North America with a solid reputation for safety, quality and professionalism. Mrs. Bayley was responsible for the worldwide radioactive materials transportation services for nuclear industry companies in many countries. Besides her solid business background in operating a successful transportation organization, Mrs. Bayley has extensive knowledge of the worldwide transport of nuclear materials and an intimate knowledge of the North American road transportation industry.

Kurtis Hinz - President

Mr. Hinz joined TAM International in December of 2005. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Mr. Hinz joined TAM after 3 years as an Account Executive with a Canadian based Transportation Company. Mr. Hinz began his career with TAM International in the role of Business Development and was given the title of Vice President, Marketing in April of 2010. In his position, Mr. Hinz has been instrumental in developing marketing vision, both short and long term, for TAM International. He works closely with TAM International Executive in business strategy plans and developing the marketing bridge between the operations executives of TAM International and their customers. Mr. Hinz has also been a representative of TAM International through his participation in organizations such as the World Nuclear Association, the World Nuclear Transport Institute and numerous other groups. Mr. Hinz also has received various IMDG and Radiation Safety training throughout his career with TAM International. Mr. Hinz is motivated to ensure that TAM International’s focus is toward building and maintaining the important relationship between the customer and its transporter.

Gerry McNally - Executive Vice President

Prior to the founding of TAM International in 2004, Ms. McNally was the Quality Manager of a nuclear logistics and road transport carrier for 4 years. Prior to this, Ms. McNally was the Supervisor of Human Resources and Administration for a well known uranium mining company for 14 years. She was stationed at one of the mine sites in northern Saskatchewan for many years as well as a mine site in central Asia for 3 years. Her unique expertise in this very specialized field allows for the quick setup of quality systems and maintenance of their standards that are necessary for this industry. Ms. McNally’s organizational skills and industry knowledge is a valuable asset to the auditing processes and logistical evaluation studies. Ms. McNally’s working relationships within the nuclear industry and quality circles have strengthened and helped our customers and the way they do business.

Jamie Smith - Vice President, Operations

Mr. Smith joined TAM International in September of 2009. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, with degrees in Operations Management and Finance, Mr. Smith joined TAM after 5 yrs of employment with the largest agriculture manufacturer in Canada. Mr. Smith brings an extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process and global supply chain management attained through positions including Material Planner, Inventory Control Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, and most recently, Purchasing Operations Manager. Mr. Smith is motivated to utilize his experiences in an effort to ensure the continued safe, secure and efficient transport of nuclear shipments for TAM International.

Bas Hobson - Board of Directors

Prior to the founding of TAM International in 2004, Mr. Hobson was, for 9 years, the Operations Manager for nuclear transportation for a North American company involved in the worldwide transportation of radioactive materials. During the previous 24 years, Mr. Hobson was a member of the marketing team for a Canadian railway company managing all aspects of the marketing, and customer service areas. Mr. Hobson has expertise in the direct handling and transporting of nuclear products. He has been involved in the operational aspects of nuclear shipments for more than seven years and has contacts throughout the industry. Bas is well respected for his skills and expertise and has strong working relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Steve Hansen - Vice President, Regulatory Compliance

Mr. Hansen joins us from the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) Gaseous Diffusion Plant, where he has been responsible for the safe and compliant transportation of natural and enriched Uranium Hexafluoride for over a decade. Prior to his work with USEC, Steve was active duty U.S. Navy and a graduate of the joint DOD/DOE Naval Reactors – Nuclear Power School.

With over 25 years in the nuclear industry, Steve is a subject matter expert ranging from uranium enrichment, transportation, and nuclear plant operations and is a current member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) N14.1 committee. Steve and his wife Beth reside in Paducah, Kentucky..

Kevin Loyens - Vice President, Business Development

Kevin Loyens joins TAM with extensive international experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Before joining TAM, Kevin worked for the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of International Trade where he served in the role of Senior Manager, India and South East Asia. Before his role with the government, Kevin spent seven years in Shanghai. Six years as the General Manager of Kerry-Talke Chemical logistics and one year as Business Development Manager for the Belgian logistics group Ahlers. He is fluent in English, Mandarin, French and Dutch. Kevin oversees TAM International’s current business development and works with the management group to develop new strategies in the logistic market.

Rob Klassen - Operations Manager

Mr. Klassen joined TAM International in November of 2015.  Mr. Klassen’s experience in international logistics began in 1997 with the largest agricultural manufacturer in Canada.  In 2009 he joined a global logistics company focusing on radioactive material transports.  Rob brings with him many years of experience in international transport logistics and supply chain management including warehousing, inventory management, container stuffing/de-stuffing, sea port development, import/export customs formalities, carrier development and much more. He is motivated to utilize his knowledge and expertise to serve customers and ensure their materials are handled in a safe and efficient manner.  As a logistics provider in the nuclear industry for the last 6 years, Mr. Klassen has developed a strong understanding of the nuclear fuel cycle’s front end and related supply chain.

Justin Whiteside - Controller

Mr. Whiteside is a Graduate of the University of Saskatchewan in 2010 with a bachelor of commerce degree. He received his chartered accountants designation in 2012 and began his career at Hergott Duval & Stack chartered accountants as an articling student. Mr. Whiteside moved on to work for MNP LLP as a manager in private enterprise. He joined TAM International in May 2015. Justin brings with him a wealth of knowledge in accounting and taxation compliance as well as offering financial analysis to make sound business decisions.

Marc Flynn - European Operations and Business Development
DSC_7423 (002)

Marc Flynn joined TAM International in February of 2018. He has worked in the European nuclear industry for more than 30 years and brings a wealth of operational and commercial experience to TAM. Marc worked on the Sellafield Reprocessing Site for 14 years in a range of engineering disciplines. He then spent 4 years working at the Capenhurst Legacy Diffusion Plant, heading up waste transfers to national and international destinations. Marc then joined the International Nuclear Services’ Package Approval Team for 5 years, taking on responsibilities for RAM package development and licensing. Prior to joining TAM, Marc was working for the UK Low Level Waste Repository as Head of Logistics Services Management where he led the development and implementation of the LLWR logistics service portfolio. During his time at the LLWR, Marc was responsible for setting up the in-house Package Design Capability, IAEA Package Licensing Management Capability, Package and Ancillary Manufacture Capability, Package Rental (IP-2 & Type B Fissile) services and multimodal transport services for national and international shipments of radioactive waste. Marc also has established links with WNTI and the UK’s RAMTUC.

At TAM, Marc is responsible for overseeing all European operations and work together closely with the Business Development team in North America to develop and deliver logistics solutions for TAM’s European customers.

Mick Chapman - Operations Europe

Mick Chapman started working for TAM International in June 2016 with over 37 years of service in the nuclear industry. Mick has a wide variety of experience ranging from fuel manufacturing to logistics and supply management. He has been involved in port and stevedore operations, shipment coordination and supervision in different parts of the world. Mick manages the European operations on behalf of TAM and is responsible for assisting customers in developing tailor-made solutions for all aspects of their logistics needs. Mick recently obtained the “Global Best Practice” MoR Foundation certificate in Risk Management and has a detailed understanding of the complexities within the nuclear transportation sector. Mick works out of the United Kingdom.

Karen Conyers - Transportation Specialist
Karen Conyers 1

Ms. Conyers joined TAM after a 25 year career at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP) bringing a broad experience base across site organizations including:
production support and product scheduling, laboratory, health physics, process technology, records management & document control, training,  environmental safety and health, work control, chemical, utilities, and power & maintenance. This broad range of experience makes her a valuable addition to the TAM team.

Ms. Conyers is headquartered out of the TAM International US office in Paducah KY and is lending onsite support at the Honeywell facility.

Rich Allshouse - Regulatory and Compliance Specialist – (Paducah, Kentucky, USA)
Rich Allshouse

Mr. Allshouse joined TAM as a Regulatory and Compliance Specialist and is the primary lead for the consulting division. Mr. Allshouse is a Professional Engineer and an acknowledged expert in ISO quality program implementation and maintenance. He has more than thirty years of experience in several areas including Quality Assurance, Radioactive Material Packaging and Transportation Regulatory Issues and is an active participant of the ANSI N14 committee (Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive and Hazardous Materials). As well, Rich has been a participant in relevant committees within the World Nuclear Transport Institute. His expertise and in depth knowledge of International and US Federal Regulations is an asset to TAM, our business partners and the nuclear industry.