Established in 2004 by radioactive materials transportation experts, TAM International quickly proved itself as a leader in the safe and secure global transport of radioactive materials.

With their head offices located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, TAM International is strategically located near the world’s richest uranium deposits. Living and working in the world of nuclear activity, TAM has a complete understanding of the nuclear industry.

TAM International has partners – all of which are strictly audited – in the following countries: China, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, England and the United States. TAM’s partners make anything possible, and give TAM the security to innovate and create new shipping routes.

TAM is in the service industry, and prides itself on its industry leading customer service. TAM is large enough to handle any shipment, but small enough to meet the specific and unique requirements of their customers. Whether it’s for an individual isotope or large charter shipments, we take our responsibility very seriously.


TAM International Team