Whether you need to ship a single domestic truckload or have a large international project, TAM International is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and passion to get the job done.

We are here to manage your logistical needs from start to finish, and our extensive experience allows us to offer innovative, reliable, and safe front-end nuclear transportation solutions for the following materials:

  • Uranium ore concentrates.
  • Natural and enriched uranium hexafluoride.
  • Uranium trioxide.
  • Fuel pellets and bundles.

Our commitment to quality and our large network of world class suppliers enable us to provide you with all of your nuclear transportation services in one stop.

Liner Shipping

The number of ocean liners that carry radioactive commodities is quite limited. TAM has strong ties with these ocean carriers, and places a high priority on ensuring that they are educated and confident in nuclear industry practices. TAM is versed in International Maritime Regulations including IMDG CodeINF Code and the SOLAS Convention.

TAM has been successful in working with ocean carriers in developing several new routes for transporting these commodities. New routes require that both TAM and our ocean carriers know and follow the requirements of the relevant Port Authorities, Port Terminal Operations, Transit Ports, and Transit Countries. This involves a thorough due diligence process before the first shipment can be carried out.

Chartered Vessels

TAM and its global partners have extensive experience with charter vessel shipments. We’ve formed strong relationships with many of the industry leading charter vessel companies. We offer complete project management services for charter shipments including but not limited to:

  • Inland transportation.
  • Stevedoring services.
  • Vessel selection & negotiation.
  • Stowage system design and implementation.
  • INF Class vessels when required

Experience with specific charter vessel routings from North America to Europe and Asia, along with services from Europe to Russia, provides TAM with the necessary tools to coordinate charter vessel shipments to any potential global routings presented to your company.

North American Road

Our large network of high quality road carriers enables us to offer nuclear transportation solutions for any over-the-road requirements you may have. A diverse network of carriers, combined with our robust quality system, ensures that only the best carriers are considered to meet your specific needs.

Why choose TAM?

  • We are a single point of contact for any North American road requirement.
  • We manage all aspects of the transport.
  • We only use audited and approved carriers.
  • We have a large network of qualified road carriers that guarantee several advantages:
    • A qualified, experienced carrier available for all possible routings.
    • Less deadhead miles charged out as we have access to terminals all over North America.
    • Never a shortage of equipment or manpower.
    • Most competitive rate from qualified and experienced carriers.

Whether you need to ship a single domestic truckload or a large shipment cross-border, we have the solution for you.